Thursday, May 28, 2009

Namak Mirch ke Paranthe

This is a really tasty brunch item that I learned from my friend Divya.. I went to Divya's place after work one day and I was really hungry.. we were chatting over a cup of tea.. and Divya offered me garam garam parathe.. proper layer wale, loaded with ghee etc etc paranthe..

I was completely impressed by the simple recipe and the fresh namkeen taste.. also, I learned a new way of making parantha with layers... so here it is..

My friend - Divya Singhal

Time: 1/2 hour

  • Aata - roti wala
  • Namak,
  • Mirchi powder
  • Jeera powder
  • Ajwain
  • ghee / oil
Make a roti out of the aata.. and spread oil on the roti, sprinkle namak, mirchi powder, jeera powder. A pinch of ajwain on top. Mix the spices on the roti with hand.

Roll the roti from both sides as shown in the pictures:

Make a chakali like shape out of the rolled roti:

Bas!!.. make the parantha (D puts a lot of ghee on it when roasting) and enjoy the delicious brunch with chuttney, achar or best is desi dahi with jeera powder..


  1. This just gives me ideas :)

    I love the technique. I am too lazy to make dough and make my own chapatis or parathas, but when i do, am gonna borrow this folding and rolling technique for something else :)

  2. Thanks for drooping by!! Your way paratha making is really cool. I loved the filling used.

  3. I just have it with curd...tastes gud n so simple..

  4. wow..this recepie is very simple .i am going to try this soon.Thanks for posting anuja.

  5. I tried this paratha,,very delicious and so easy to make..just had it with pickle and curd..

  6. @Sujata, I am glad you liked the paratha.. pickle and curd sound good as accompaniments. :)

  7. I have been searching for this recipe since ages. Thank u so much..... trying it now.