Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Moong Vada Re-invented

Story: My two wonderful nieces are visiting us from Mumbai and so we are in a summer vacation mood at home.. so much so that I din't even write my weekly blog post..

Just last week my nieces were asking how I used spend my summer vacations at my brother's place.. and they asked - you must have spent a lot of time cooking for your brother.. Then I told them the truth - My cooking vocabulary was limited to making Chai and instant noodles.. My brother knew way more cooking than I did. He used to cook delicious meals and I would help with the dishes. - My nieces just would not believe me!! Of course very conveniently I took that as a complement :)

I think if you want to learn how to cook - being open to new ideas of mixing ingredients and asking "what's in it" almost every time you like something goes a looong way!

That's exactly how I got this recipe for moong vada.. I had eaten moong vadas that need lots of spices and an elaborate preparation.. but these vada's I had at Amit's place were amazingly simple to make... so the "what's in it" conversation followed and here it is..

Source: Amit's Mom (Thank you Aunty!)

3o minutes (+ 3 hrs of soaking moong daal)


  • 2 cups of Whole Moong
  • Water for soaking the moong
  • 2 green chilies
  • 1/4 tsp hing or asafoetida
  • 2 tsp cumin seeds
  • salt to taste
  • Oil for deep frying

Take hot water in a bowl and soak whole moong in it 3 hours. Keep the bowl covered.

Remove water from the soaked moong and grind it with chilies, hing and cumin seeds into a rough paste. Add minimal water to this mixture and make sure it does not form a smooth paste.
Add salt to taste.

Heat oil in a pan and deep fry several vadas at a time. One vada is of the size of a pakoda - little over a tea spoon of batter.

That's it! - Enjoy as-is or with tamarind-date or green chutney.


  1. Is there a way to make this without deep frying? Maybe bake it or something?

  2. @Hasmita - sorry - I am way late on my reply.. I am not so sure about baking.. they might become too hard. May be if you mix in something like a potato or breadcrumbs.. that might work in an oven. If you try the baked version - do let me know and thanks for visiting!