Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Souperhit Tip for Tomato Soup

Story: La Porte des Indes is the Maggi hot-n-sweet tomato chilli sauce of Indian resturants - It's different! My cousin - Madhi (Madhuvanti Achawal) - more than insisted that we eat there and I am so glad we took that recommendation to heart. The decor is drop-dead-gorgeous, the service is unpretentious yet professional and the menu has a really good variety of items - including lots of coastal fish curries, sampler of Parsee food etc. It is pricey and fancy- but a it is a real treat.

I was so impressed by the food that I wanted to buy their cookbook.. but we had already splurged so much on the dinner and on the UK trip.. I din't buy the book. So how did I get the cookbook and today's soup recipe?

real simple - after dinner I called Madhi and told her how awesome the meal was.. and how tempting it was to buy the book... :D and sure enough - on Madhi's next trip to the US - I got the cookbook as a gift!

Really - I don't do this on purpose - but way back when.. I had called my brother right after seeing an iPod for the first time.. and I did get an iPod from him for my birthday :-)

hmmm.. while I think about other things I could get from my wonderful family.. why don't I share this souperhit tip that makes the usual tomato soup - souperbly different!

Source: La porte des indes cookbook by Mehernosh and Sherin Mody

Add roasted red pepper and roasted garlic cloves to your usual recipe of tomato soup for red color and flavor. Roasted garlic adds a nice kick to the soup. As far as proportion is concerned - I used one red pepper and slices of three garlic cloves for two medium size tomatoes.

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  1. Loving the story!!! And it was your SIL not your brother who got the ipod ;) Flashbacks of the NYC trip clouding all over me :)