Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Restaurant Review: Red Lentil in Watertown, MA

Contact info:
Price: $10-15 per person

AshaCool Recommends: Beet-Potato Latkes, Sweet Potato Quesadilla, Gobi Manchurian

Unicorns do exist!! That was my reaction when I talked to Chef Siva of the Red Lentil restaurant. We were getting super-stressed while planning food logistics for an upcoming conference. We have roughly 150 attendees and the following constraints on food:
  • Local - grown in New England - which means - no rice or wheat and many other ingredients that you may take for granted
  • Organic - of course - what other kind is there?
  • Within a modest budget - we are a volunteer organization that takes pride in simplicity
  • Indian-ish - and tasty!
  • Delivery with minimal waste in terms of plastic usage etc etc
I called Chef Siva of The Red Lentil restaurant and he happily agreed to deliver based on these constraints. It sounded too good to be true.. so we went to visit the restaurant.

We ordered Gobi Manchurian and got free samples for Mediterranean wrap, Sweet Potato Quesadilla and Beet Potato Latkes. Every single thing was delicious!! What's more - Chef Siva came up with brand new menu items based on our constraints and all of them sounded appetizing.

The conference is not done yet and we haven't even placed the catering order - but the foodie in me is thoroughly impressed by the culinary creativity, the passion for local and organic food and the price!

Since I am on a Bollywood spree these days.. the whole experience reminded me of this line from Ghulaam: "लेहेरों के साथ तो कोईभी तैर लेता है। पर असली इन्सान वोह है - जो लेहेरों को चीर कर आगे बढ़ता है!"


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