Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Restaurant Review: Pronti Bistro in Needham, MA

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Price: $10-15 per person

AshaCool Recommends: Salted Lassi that soothes the soul! and of course Paneer, Chicken, Aloo roll with mango chutney which is pretty hutke

Story: The first reason to love Pronti - the name! Regular parantha is large, sumptuous and manly.. how about a smaller version of our beloved Parantha.. as a wrap. Since it is a petite parantha, we decided to call it "Pronti" - how cute is that!

Friendly service, cozy decor and apna authentic desi touch - Owners Maneet and Raman have done a great job with their brand new set up in Needham.

But what about the food?? yeah yeah - I am getting there..

Paneer was nicely spiced and really tender, chicken and lamb was quite good as well. Of course the thing that makes a difference in a wrap - is the chutneys.. the mango chutney is a great combo of sweet, tangy and spicy taste.

The salted lassi is to die for - may be on the salty side for some people - but I loved it. Could easily drink a gallon of it.

With every wrap, you get a small piece of their home made brownie - it is moist, sweet and the top is perfectly textured.

Granted I haven't tried many of the menu items - eggs, rice platters etc.. but I was impressed enough that I had to share my experience!

BTW - I went with my school crowd and here's a silly video where everyone's trying to do the famous Indian nod.

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