Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Varsha Fish Curry

Story: Everyone has their cooking style.. some are precise, others are casual/free style. Some are elaborate while others focused on efficiency. There's something to learn from each style :)

Today's recipe is from Varsha Devdhar - my cousin SIL. When I think of Prashant/Varsha's house, I think of a warm, casual and inviting place where I can just chill and hangout. There is always good humor, great food and even better company. What I really love about Prashant/Varsha is their no-fuss approach in kitchen and in life.

When it comes to cooking, Varsha's recipes are "smart" hitting the right balance of effort, taste and creativity. So for today's post, I am going to paste the recipe from Varsha's email as is. It covers the highlights and leaves room for your creativity..

Source: Varsha Devdhar
Time: about an hour - plus a few hours for marinading fish

"Marinate fish in any Tandoori masala ( use a little bit). I use Shan or MDH brand.
add some ginger, lemon and salt to the marinade. Generally 6-8 hrs is fine.
For Gravy-  Oil in pan, add few red chillies  then add Onions saute them light brown, add some dry coconut and then add tomatoes.
If you use 3 onions I would recommend using 1 tomato.
Once the onions tomatoes, coconut is lightly fried let it cool down and make the gravy in the food processor.
To make the Fish curry
Heat oil, add Tamaal Patra and whole garam masala ( 1-2 cloves,blackpepper,cinnamon) then add the gravy mixture . Once you start seeing oil on the sides of the pan, add some dry Fish curry masala ( MDH brand) saute it then add water to make the curry/ gravy. Add salt.
Once the curry is done add the marinated fish let it cook in the gravy don't cook it for too long especially for a delicate white fish as it makes it tough.
Add small amount of Tamarind to the gravy to your taste.
Fish curry ready to eat :))
I use Catfish most of the times, but Tilapia is fine too."

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